What To Do in the Meantime: Responsive, Drupal & Nonprofits

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, I'm giving my blog some attention today. I recently re-themed it with a customized version of AdaptiveTheme Sky. It's finally responsive (go ahead... try it). Hooray! Which brings me to the topic of responsive, on which I've been brewing thoughts for a while. It's hard to do anything in web design and development right now without hearing the term "responsive design" until your eyes glaze over. Responsive is a great concept. An increasing number of people are surfing on phones and tablets, and they expect to be able to do almost anything on their devices that they can do on a desktop. Much of the time, building one website that can adapt to different screen widths, using media queries, is a very elegant solution. So why are so many nonprofits still building non-responsive sites?

A Guide to the 2012 NTC for Nptech Experts & Drupal Dorks

Credit: BuzzFeed nonprofit tech geeks: I bring glad tidings. There is going to be more to love at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conrerence this year. First, a quick rundown of the Drupal content planned to date for the 2012 NTC in San Francisco. Then, some background on changes in the NTC that aim to improve it for those of us who are seasoned nptechies.

A Drupal 7 Rebuild for Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger - homepage screenshot

I just wrapped up my most recent project—a rebuild for Action Against Hunger (ACF USA)—and it was one of the most satisfying projects I've done in a long time. I was really excited for the chance to build a Drupal 7 site, but during the discovery process of the project, we tried our best to talk them out of it. We were concerned that too many modules wouldn't be ready for prime time, and that they'd have to compromise too much on functionality. And here's where the project got really interesting. Basically, we decided to cleanse their site with the fire of Drupal 7. 

My Current Fave Geeky Haunts

There's Facebook and Twitter, and many of us spend a fair amount of time there, myself included. But I belong to many other smaller online communities. Some of them are particularly interesting places where there are tech-related socializing and resource-sharing discussions that I don't want to miss, and so I check in with them regularly. Here are my current favorite nonprofit tech geeky places to hang out online:

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